Room 8 exhibit 6
Philips VR2220 Video 2000
FORMAT: V2000  
DATE: 1984

PRICE: £360
[2005: £775]

4.6 kg

This was the only portable V2000 machine ever produced. It has some impressive trick-play features: slow, fast and reverse playback, all with sound and, thanks to V2000's DTF system, perfect noise-free pictures. Curiously there is no actual picture search - the triple-speed fast and normal-speed reverse play must be used.

The electronic operating keys are somewhat unusual. There is no stop or eject key; a button marked ^ functions as a combined pause / stop / eject. Pressing it once stops the tape and gives a still picture, pressing it again stops and unlaces the tape, and a third press ejects it.
The cassette carriage iteself is also unusual, being a powered but non-automatic toploader: once the cassette is inserted the ^ key must be pressed to close the door and lower the cassette gracefully into the works. However, if Play is pressed with the lid open, the machine is clever enough to lower the carriage first, which is rather neat.

The camera connector is a standard 10-pin socket, though the record/pause control does not function in the standard way - suggesting that a dedicated Philips camera would have been used. There is no built-in modulator; an external adaptor is used to give both RF and AV outputs.
A separate tuner/timer unit for the machine was also available, the VR2120. The combined package cost £500 [2002: £990].
The equivalent home machine clearly shows the use of common components: