Room 5 exhibit 2
JVC HR-3330
DATE: 1979

[2005: £?]

46x32x16 cm

13.5 kg
The 3330 was the "deluxe" version of the original 3300, and probably came out a year or so later.
It's pretty much the same, with a few improvements. The most obvious change is that the confusing output selector switch has disappeared -- it's now automatic. Though, this does mean that a signal is only output while the machine is recording, so to watch TV "through" the machine you have to press RECORD (on its own).

(And, if you're watching TV in this way and you want to start recording, you first have to press STOP -- no "pause record" in 1979!)
The clock / timer has also been upgraded, and now allows programs to be set up to 14 days ahead.